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Explorar Academia

One student, infinite possibilities

 - Explore Academy schools are independently governed, college preparatory, tuition-free, public charter schools -

Our Vision

The curricular approach and educational philosophy employed at Explore Academy is based on three core ideals:
Choice-Based Learning: selectivity and student choice for all classes to promote both a customized and individualized form of education
- Mastery-Based Learning: increased student accountability using a standards-driven system in course design and academic reporting
College Preparation: advanced areas of study through the implementation of a curriculum which increasingly resembles and simulates college academics in structure, rigor, and content


Justin Baiardo is the founder and visionary behind the Explore Academy model.  As a secondary science teacher, he became fascinated by the power of choice in the learning process and the educational success it can produce.

In August, 2014, Mr. Baiardo, along with his team of talented and experienced educators, opened the first Explore Academy campus in Albuquerque, NM. 

Since then, the innovative nature of the educational model has inspired educational leaders to adopt this model in their local communities. 

One Student, Infinite Possibilities
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