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Schedule Adjustment - starting Wed, 9/9

Thank you to all the families who gave feedback on the September Parent Survey. We appreciate all the families who participated, and this was the largest response we have received. Based on feedback from staff and from families, two thirds of staff and families voted to make a change to the schedule. For students, we are looking to decrease some screen time and allow for better access to individual help from their teachers. We will be sending out another survey in September to gather feedback from individual families and students about their preference on hybrid and online learning. We appreciate your continued support and patience as we monitor the virus numbers and decisions from the state.

We will have a regular schedule tomorrow, Tuesday. Starting Wednesday, we will be moving to the shortened daily schedule of 8:00 am to 1:40 pm. The classes will be 40 minutes long Monday through Thursday. Classes on Friday will be 30 minutes long. Staff will be available to students a minimum of 3 afternoons each week for tutoring. The frontloading times remain in place for work outside of class.

Class Level Max - Time Per Frontloading

100-200-Level - 15 minutes

300-Level - 20 minutes

400-500-Level - 25 minutes

600-900-Level - 30 minutes

1000-Level+ - 30+ minutes

The schedules are below. The schedules can also be found on the ABQ website and here.

Monday through Thursday - Classes are 40 minutes each

1 - 8:00-8:40

2 - 8:50-9:30

3 - 9:40-10:20

4 - 10:30-11:10

5 - 11:20-12:00

6 - 12:10-12:50

7 - 1:00-1:40

Friday - with Clubs - Classes are 30 minutes each

1 - 8:00-8:30

2 - 8:40-9:10

CLUBS - 9:20-10:10 (50 minutes)

3 - 10:20-10:50

4 - 11:00-11:30

5 - 11:40-12:10

6 - 12:20-12:50

7 - 1:00-1:30

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