Sunday Howl 1.17.21

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

No School Monday, January 18

A reminder that Monday, January 18 is a national holiday and there is no school.

Student Intent to Return for 2021-22 School Year

As we look forward to next fall, we are asking parents to fill out this form to let us know about their intent to return for next year. Please fill this out before April 1st to let us know.

Student Application for Fall 2021

Below is the link for our application for next fall. Siblings of current students get priority over the lottery for the general public. Families will need to submit prior to the April lottery.

Spring Break: March 22 - 26.

Please make a note of a change in the week of spring break. In order to coordinate with APS and Rio Rancho Spring break has been moved up by one week. The school calendar on the website now reflects this.

Term 6 Registration for 8 - 12 grades

Last week an email was sent out for students 8 - 12 to register for their term 6 classes. Please refer to that email for more details. Registration for grades 8 - 12 will close at midnight on January 20.

Lunch Ordering:

Beginning the week of January 1, the lunch link will open on Sundays and close on Wednesdays of each week, with pickup on Friday.

Click here for the School lunch link:

The National School Lunch Program is being extended into the fall for all public schools. This means that school lunches are free at this time. Check the Howl each week for the link that provides the weekly lunch menu. These menus are posted a week in advance.

  1. Place your order by Wednesday of each week for the following week using this link:

  2. Pick up weekly lunch order on Friday’s at the Explore Academy Masthead location.

If you live too far from Explore we are told that APS and RRPS are also offering seamless meals as long as your child is between 1 and 18 years of age. Parents/guardians can contact the school closest to them. Click here for the School lunch link:

iMSSA ELA and Math Testing Results

The state has started releasing the interim assessment scores for the ELA and math scores for grades 6-8. The iMSSA is designed to measure student progress across the year, measuring achievement levels at the beginning of the year (BOY) around Sept/Oct, middle of the year (MOY) around Dec/Jan, and end of the year (EOY) in May. This data and assessment corresponds to the required state ELA and math test, NM-MSSA, given to 6-8 grades each March/April. So, in total, we can see four aligned growth points every school year in addition to our exit exams each quarter.

Results from October are live now, and January results should be available in early February. You will need your child(ren)'s state ID (SSID) to access the portal. Your child(ren) may know their ID, or you can access it in PowerSchool or contact our IT staff for help.

Parent Flyer

Portal Link

Help and Support Page

Please keep in mind that this assessment is meant as a snapshot of achievement and that we will use the October scores as well as the January scores to measure growth and work on plans for students who are in need of support in one or more areas.

Honor Roll for T4 / Q2

Acton, Shelby

Adams, Adelle

Adams, Carly

Aguilar, Mia

Aldrich, Maverick

Anderson, Hailey

Anton-Williams, Dante

Anzo, Donovan

Apodaca, Fernando

Apodaca, Karlea

Arce, Leslie

Assed, Izzideen

Atweh, Leon

Avila, Hannah

Avila, Mia

Axelrod, Ezra

Baca, Rylee

Baiardo, Dominic

Baiardo, Landon

Baiardo, Shannon

Baird, Chelsea

Barowsky, Esther

Barrera, Martha

Baum, Hayes

Bencomo, Reina

Bishop, Dillon

Block, Anastasia

Boatman, Luke

Bogus, Nia

Bolding, Kylie

Borunda, Jaime

Bouchonville, Zachary

Bran, Camila

Branch, Joshua

Brazil, Dylan

Breen, Maylie

Broaddus, Elliott

Brown, Karissa

Brown, Kassidy

Brown, Keowyn

Brown, Zachary

Brummett, Daniel

Buck, Maya

Buksas, Eric

Burkett, Ella

Burnett, Clara

Busani, Elena

Busich, Lucas

Byers, Ettoria

Campbell, Chloe

Cardenas, Aidan

Chapman, Bella

Chavez, Archer

Chavez, Landon

Chavez, Macario

Chuquipoma Dominguez, Tamara

Cole, Peter

Compani-Tabrizi, Nika

Copeland, Dalton

Copeland, Logan

Dahringer, Jillian

Dahringer, Katherine

Dailey, Mario

Dana, Uryah

Davila, Julius

Davis, Olivia

De Groot, Sophia

Desai, Sudhir

Diaz, Brayden

Diaz, Haley

Diaz, Luciano

Diaz, Mackinzie

Dillard, Harley

Dimas, Colin

Dingreville, Camille

Divine, Riann

Duran, Amara

Duran, Destiny

Edwards, Jimmie

Ehlers, Connor

Elliott, Ethan

Encinias, Soleana

Everett, Kaylie

Farrenkopf, Tessa

Fazio, Vincent

Fehr, James

Feldman, Elliana

Fiedler, Ria

Fielder, Corbin

Fields-Haley, Sedona

Flemming, Landon

Flemming, Sawyer

Foster, Serenity

Franklin, Evan

Friedly, Morrigan

Fuller, Avery

Furlow, Henry

Gaddis, Jessica

Gale, Caleb

Gallegos, Stephanie

Garcia, Allyn

Garcia, Baylee

Garza-Cassell, Shaylynn

Giles, Zoe

Gomez, Ava

Gonzales, Amelie

Gonzales, Izabella

Gonzales, Sierra

Gonzalez, Sofia

Gray, Amy

Greer, John

Grenko-Sanchez, Simonita

Griffith, Maia

Griffith, Yarden

Griffith, Zohar

Haas, Alethea

Hamma, Kazuhito

Han, Seoyeon

Hanna, Avery

Harris, Leo

Hart, Sophia

Hatcher, Sky

Hatcher, Truth

Hawley, Kailee

Hay, Cayden

Hempstead, Finian

Hesley, Isabella

Hesley, Talia

Hettinga, Owen

Hicks, Maya

Higgins, Liam

Hines, Valeria

Hoke, Parker

Home, Sofia

Hooshidar, Ryan

Hrncir, Payton

Hughson, Helena

Hunt, Kendall

Huseman, Joseph

Hussey, Hailey

Ilgen, Ruslan

Irigoyen, Christian

Jackson, Ajanae

Jackson, Noah

Jacob Jerrin, Obadiah

Jahn, Victoria

Johannesen, Loucielle

Johnson, Isaac

Johnson, Kamilla