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Sunday Howl 1.24.21 with Newsletter Volume 10

Newsletter - Volume 10 here

Explore Academy Elementary

For those interested in our proposed elementary grade level expansion, here is a video which outlines the model adjusted to the elementary grades. A letter of interest is open for students to "pre-apply" for our proposed K-5 program starting in the fall of 2021. We are seeking state approval in February and we need your support!

Pre-applications will be converted to enrollment applications if the program is approved.

Check out our website to learn more:

Letter of interest:

Explore Academy K - 5 Program Overview video

Spring Break: March 22 - 26th

Please make a note of a change in the week of spring break. In order to coordinate with APS and Rio Rancho Spring break has been moved up by one week. The school calendar on the website now reflects this.

Student Application for Fall 2021

Below is the link for our application for next fall. Siblings of current students get priority over the lottery for the general public. Families will need to submit prior to the April lottery.

Explore Academy Elementary School Information

Below is the link that will provide our current parents who have elementary age children to find out more about our plans for an Elementary School. This video can also be found on our website at

Lunch Ordering:

Beginning the week of January 1, the lunch link will open on Sundays and close on Wednesdays of each week, with pickup on Friday.

Click here for the School lunch link:

The National School Lunch Program is being extended into the fall for all public schools. This means that school lunches are free at this time. Check the Howl each week for the link that provides the weekly lunch menu. These menus are posted a week in advance.

  1. Place your order by Wednesday of each week for the following week using this link:

  2. Pick up weekly lunch order on Friday’s at the Explore Academy Masthead location.

If you live too far from Explore we are told that APS and RRPS are also offering seamless meals as long as your child is between 1 and 18 years of age. Parents/guardians can contact the school closest to them. Click here for the School lunch link:

Web Filtering:

After a few weeks of testing with a small group of students , Web Filtering has been enabled for the entire student body. The following categories of websites are blocked:

  • Blogs

  • Drugs, Alcohol, & Gambling

  • Illegal, Malicious, or Hacking

  • Sexual Content

  • Social Media

  • Weapons

If your child is unable to access a website that they need for coursework, please have them email it to Mr Ramsey,

The nice thing about this service is that it works off campus, unlike the Internet Content filter that's part of the school’s local network. The downside is that it's easily bypassed (like Hapara) when students are using a non Explore Academy account, or a non-Chrome browser like Microsoft Edge or Firefox. For more options regarding control of internet service at home, see “Parent Controls for Technology” in the Student Handbook.

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