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Sunday Howl 10.11.20 (with Newsletter Volume 4)

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Schedules for next Term - The next term, which is called "Term 3" for grades 8-12 and "Quarter 2" for 6-7, begins on Monday October 12th!  PowerSchool users can, and should, preview that schedule on the website (not the app).  Here’s how:

  1. Log onto

  2. Click "My Schedule" on the left side menu

  3. Click the "Matrix View" tab.

If any gaps, concurrent enrollments, classes that have already been passed, or other scheduling concerns please contact Ms Veleta, for grades 8-12.  6th and 7th grade should email Ms Boatman at  

Before Monday, students should use the Google Classroom codes, posted in PowerSchool in the “room” field,  to join each class.  If there’s no code, contact the teacher.

Explore Academy Newsletter Volume 4 Thank you to all the students who participated on Friday in the Explore Exercise Against Cancer fundraiser. Please check out all the latest information and events happening at the school in the Volume 4 Newsletter!

School Pictures:

We will be holding school pictures On October 22 and October 26.  Please refer to the following schedule for your student’s pictures:

We will be allowing 5 students per time slot.

  • Grades 8 - 11 will be on Thursday, October 22 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. To schedule a time for your 8th - 11th grader please click on this link: :

We will be allowing 4 students per time slot.

  • Senior  pictures will be on Thursday, October 22, from 1:00Pm - 7:00 PM.  

To schedule a time for your 12th graders please click on this link:

We will be allowing 1 slot every 10 minutes.  

Pictures will be held at 1500 Masthead NE.  Enter through the West end of the parking lot and follow the directionals going Eastward.  There will be staff directing traffic and students.  Parents will not be allowed into the building. Students will be dropped off at the North cafeteria door and will be picked up on the East side of the Cafeteria.  We are aiming to have each student in the building no longer than five minutes.  To keep students and staff as safe as possible we are requiring all students to wear a mask and follow all directions for social distancing.  

Interim Assessments - For grades 6-8, PED released interim assessments that are given three times a year and align with the state ELA and math tests. There are three tests (reading, writing, and math). 

  • Students in grades 6-7 will take these tests this Monday, October 12 (tomorrow). Students will log into their first period (class or flex) and take the three tests with that teacher or flex staff member. There will be a break between each test. 

  • Students will receive their login information in an email. Please remind them to check their email TODAY, Sunday evening (October 11)

  • Students in grade 8 will take these tests, one test per day, starting on Tuesday,  October 13, Wednesday, October  14, and Thursday, October  15 during their flex periods. Students will also receive an email with their login information. They will also receive other guidance when they log into flex each day.

  • Please remind your 8th grade student that they must log into their non-lunch flex time on these three days.

Free Flu Shot Clinic

Explore Academy, 5100 Masthead Dr. NE.,  will be hosting a drive through flu shot clinic on Wednesday, October 21st from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.  This is courtesy of  of Albertson’s Market Pharmacy.  Please follow the directionals through the parking lot. 

You will need a copy of your insurance card and a consent form filled out. 

Click here for the consent form: consent form

Clubs-  Students will be signing up for clubs again this week.   It is important that students understand that they need to resign up for the club of their choice.  It is not automatic that they have the same club they have had. All clubs will be starting with a new roster for the new term / quarter with  new class/ club codes.

School Lunches:

The National School Lunch Program is being extended into the fall for all public schools.  This means that school lunches are free at this time. Check the Howl each week for the link that provides the weekly lunch menu.  These menus are posted a week in advance. 

  1. Place your order by Thursday of each week for the following week using this link:

  2. Pick up weekly lunch order on Monday’s at the Explore Academy  Masthead location. 

If you live too far from Explore we are told that APS and RRPS are also offering seamless meals as long as your child is between 1 and 18 years of age.  Parents / guardians can contact the school closest to them. 

Click here for the School lunch link:

How-To Videos

We have a link for parents wanting more information about ordering school apparel to how to log into Powerschool.   Here is that link:

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