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Sunday Howl 11.8.20 with Newsletter Volume 6

Engage New Mexico

What is ENGAGE New Mexico? For many students, going from a traditional classroom to learning from home can be a real challenge. New Mexico’s Public Education Department has partnered with Graduation Alliance to provide an extra layer of support for students in grades k-12 and their families who might be struggling with these changes. Students who choose to participate in the program will get an academic coach to work with them to answer questions, connect them with resources, and develop a plan to get on track and finish the school year strong. 

How does it work? Graduation Alliance is reaching out to students through phone calls, emails, text messages and more to get students started. 

What does it cost? There is no cost for the student. ENGAGE New Mexico is completely free to students. 

How do I enroll? Explore Academy will be referring students to Engage New Mexico who have low attendance, or who have failed a large number of classes during Terms 1 & 2. Parents who would like to refer their child can go to, call 505-340-3250, or email to get started.

Change in Grades in Powerschool:  As part of the school’s mastery-based system, students are required to pass all standards in a class to pass.  This method can be confusing when looking at a final average grade as an average grade can be misleading (a student’s average can be “passing” even if one standard is failing).  To address this, we are removing average grades from Powerschool.  Students and parents can still click on each class (just as before), which will bring them to a screen to show the individual standard grades. 

Average grades will still be used for transcripts (just as before).    

Term 4 Schedules are in PowerSchool:  Term 4 begins this Thursday, November 12th, with Grades 8-12 getting a new schedule (6th and 7th Grade students should have the same schedule, since they are still in Quarter 2).  The new schedule can be viewed on the PowerSchool website (not the app).  Here’s how:

  1. Click "My Schedule" on the left side menu

  2. Click "Matrix View" tab.

While reviewing the schedule, watch for:

  • Gaps in the schedule

  • Duplicate enrollments (student is enrolled in multiple classes during the same period)

  • Classes that are already taken and passed

  • Four core classes: English, Math, Science, and Social students with one elective class

If any concerns, email Ms Veleta at

Passing Grades - We want to remind parents that in order to pass a High School (grades 8-12)  seminar (class), students must achieve an 80% or better on all standards for each class.   It is possible that a student will not pass a seminar if they have one failing grade for one standard, but have a passing grade for all other standards.  

School Lunches:

The National School Lunch Program is being extended into the fall for all public schools.  This means that school lunches are free at this time. Check the Howl each week for the link that provides the weekly lunch menu.  These menus are posted a week in advance. 

  1. Place your order by Thursday of each week for the following week using this link:

  2. Pick up weekly lunch order on Monday’s at the Explore Academy  Masthead location. 

If you live too far from Explore we are told that APS and RRPS are also offering seamless meals as long as your child is between 1 and 18 years of age.  Parents / guardians can contact the school closest to them. 

Click here for the School lunch link:

Lunches over Thanksgiving break (November 23 - 27)

In an attempt to provide lunches for the week of November 23, we will be opening up the Lunch order form on Friday  November 13 and will remain open until Tuesday, November 17.   If lunches are ordered for the week of  November 23, they need to be picked up on Friday, November 20 rather than Monday since Monday is a no-school day.  Parents will receive an email to remind them on Friday pick up times.

Upcoming Thanksgiving Break 

All students will have the full week of Thanksgiving off for break. Monday through Friday, November 23th - 27th. We hope that all of our Explore Academy families have a restful break.


Remember all though we are not in person it is still NM State Law that every student be properly immunized to be enrolled in school. There is no better time than now to be fully vaccinated.  Pediatricians across the state want all students to be compliant with all immunizations in order for them to be protected against preventable childhood disease.  If you have received an email or phone call from the Explore Academy Health Office please respond immediately to the action that was required.  


To see what is going on in our wonderful school community and unique things going on in our classrooms,  please look at our newsletter which comes out twice a month. Click here for the current newsletter.

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