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Sunday Howl 4.18.21 with Newsletter Volume 16

Newsletter - Volume 16

Term 8 Schedules are final and posted

Term 8 schedules are for grades 8-12. Schedules can be viewed in PowerSchool (the website, not the app), by clicking “My Schedule” in the left side menu, then the Matrix View tab.

Any questions or concerns about scheduling should be directed to Ms Veleta, as long as they have to do with graduation or credits. Please do not ask for schedule changes for social reasons, such as to share lunch with a friend.

Any technical issues with PowerSchool can be sent to Mr Ramsey.

Term 7 Midterms and Finals

Middle school quarter 4 midterms, and High School (grades 8-12) finals will be held Wednesday, April 21st and Thursday, April 22nd. Grades will not be posted until the following week. Please look for an email from Mr. Ramsey to let you know when they are posted.

Term Break Days April 23 and April 26

Middle School and High School term break days are Friday, April 23 and Monday April 26. We will return to school on Tuesday April 27.

iMMSA testing

6 and 7 graders will take the third and final state iMMSA testing next week on Wednesday, April 28. All 6 and 7 graders will report to their first period class (both virtual and in-person) including flex where they will take the test.

8 grade students will take the iMMSA test on Thursday and Friday during their study flex time. 8th grade virtual students must report to their study flex for testing.

Big Future Days Virtual College Fair

Attend a virtual College Fair hosted by College Board. The dates for the virtual college fairs are based on where the colleges are located and you can attend multiple dates. Before you attend BigFuture Days, be sure to save a list of the colleges you are most interested in connect with on BigFuture. If you are unsure about a college, you can check out their website, social media properties, or profile page on BigFuture.

BigFuture Day Southeast is on Thursday, April 29

CNM Dual Enrollment Events:

The CNM Outreach and Recruitment team has organized several upcoming events that highlight CNM and Dual Credit opportunities.

Dual Credit Success Workshop – Thursday, May 13, 2021 5:30-6:30pm

Attention Sophomores & Juniors: CNM DUAL ENROLLMENT

If you haven’t already registered for your Dual Enrollment courses, Now is the time for Summer Sessions. One Dual enrollment course is a Graduation Requirement. Please email or for more information or click on this link Dual Credit Forms How to Get Started as a Dual Credit Student.

Lunch Ordering for Students who have elected to be in-person

The Lunch link, for those students who have elected to be on campus and learning in-person, will open on Sundays8 and will close on Wednesdays of the same week. Ordering will be for the lunches served the following week. Click here for the lunch link for in-person learning:

Lunch ordering for students remaining in on-line learning

Please note that the pick up location will NO LONGER be at the Masthead Campus. Lunch pick up is now at 6600 Gulton Ct NE. Please proceed to the East parking lot and look for the Lunch Pick Up signs toward the back of the building.

Click here for the On-line learning from home School lunch link:

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