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Sunday Howl 4.4.21 with Newsletter Volume 14

Newsletter - Volume 14 here

Students Returning in Person Monday April 5th

Only students who have already been notified based on survey sent out a month ago may return to in-person on Monday, April 5th.

  • Students will be given a tour of the building during the first period. At this time, we are not allowed to have non-essential visitors (which includes parents who just want to tour or visit) on campus as per New Mexico Department of Public Education.

  • We recommend families drop students off at 7:30am to avoid traffic congestion with the busses.

  • Emails have gone out with maps showing where to drop students off.

  • Dress in layers, the outermost layer must be Explore Academy gear. The buildings might be a little cold and students should have either an Explore Academy jacket or layer a long sleeve shirt underneath.

  • Students in PE might want to bring an additional shirt, and must have tennis shoes

  • Bring your fully charged chromebook and a charger. We also recommend headphones for the flex areas.

  • All in-person students will attend their structured flex.

  • Students must bring a water bottle.

  • Students and staff will social distance to the great extent possible inside and outside of the school building. This means students will not be allowed to congregate in the hallways, restrooms, or outside.

  • Bring at least one mask. Face masks must be worn at all times (except when eating or drinking at lunch). We recommend more than one if the first one gets dirty.

  • Wash your hands! There is also hand sanitizer throughout the schools.

  • Student drivers parking at 6600 Gulton Ct NE need to fill out this form with their vehicle information.

-All other students who wish to return to in-person learning who are not currently on the list, please contact Explore Academy Administration and we will put you on a wait list based on space.

Bell Schedule for Remainder of School Year 2021

Please note the Friday-Club schedule has been corrected.

Dress Code and Uniforms

Please note that students are still expected to be in compliance with the The Explore Academy dress code. With some students returning to campus beginning April 5, this will be enforced to a greater extent. Please refer to the student handbook for more information on the Explore Academy dress code.

Uniforms can be ordered through if you need to order new shirts or had not previously ordered. The school also has charcoal gray t-shirts available in the front office as 5100 Masthead for $10 each.

Lunch Ordering for Students who have elected to be in-person

The Lunch link, for those students who have elected to be on campus and learning in-person, will open on Today, April 4 and will close on Wednesdays of the same week. Ordering will be for the lunches served the following week. Click here for the lunch link for in-person learning:

Lunch ordering for students remaining in on-line learning

Please note that the pick up location will NO LONGER be at the Masthead Campus. Lunch pick up is now at 6600 Gulton Ct NE. Please proceed to the East parking lot and look for the Lunch Pick Up signs toward the back of the building.

Click here for the On-line learning from home School lunch link:

The National School Lunch Program is being extended into the fall for all public schools. This means that school lunches are free at this time. Check the Howl each week for the link that provides the weekly lunch menu. These menus are posted a week in advance. .

If you live too far from Explore we are told that APS and RRPS are also offering seamless meals as long as your child is between 1 and 18 years of age. Parents/guardians can contact the school closest to them. Click here for the School lunch link:

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