Sunday Howl 9.27.20 with Newsletter Volume 3

Newsletter - Volume 3 - Check it out Here!

Lunch ordering for week of 10/5-10/9 - needs to be submitted  by Thursday  10/1 - link

Hapara - Explore Academy has reinstated Hapara, its student monitoring software. Teachers can use it to monitor student activity when logged onto their Explore Academy account. Specifically, teachers can see what tabs are open, send messages, create guided browsing sessions, and more, for the purpose of motivating focus on tasks and improving test security. The software only works during school hours.

Chromebooks -students must use their chromebooks for Exit Exams on October 6 and 7. We understand that there have been some issues with using chromebooks during regular online classes, but it is essential that all students use their chromebooks for exit exams.

In order to reduce difficulties with the internet, students should only have two tabs open during the exit exam (unless otherwise directed by the teacher). One tab for their exam and the other for the google meet. Hapara will be used to make sure students are only using the appropriate sites / tabs. Technical problems should be reported to Newell Ramsey,

Chromebooks (suggested change) - Teachers are voicing concerns that some students are not using Chromebooks in class. While differing platforms (ie Mac, PCs, iPad, etc) do support the Google Chrome browser, Google Apps looks and behaves differently for those systems and confuses the person trying to learn them (and frustrates the teacher trying to support them). Additionally, our monitoring software “Hapara”, is easily circumvented on Macs and PCs which degrades our teacher’s abilities to supervise students. In short, Chromebooks are a “must have” for our students.

Having technical problems with your Chromebook? - Email N. Ramsey, IT Director, at

Exit Exams - Exit Exams will be held on October 6 and 7. All students will have exams in all their core classes and in some of the electives. It is very important that your student(s) attend classes on these days. Please notify the school as soon as possible if you know that your student will be absent. In this way we can work with the teachers to provide make-up times for the exams.

Passing Grades - We want to remind parents that in order to pass a seminar (class), students must pass all standards for each class with a 70% or better for middle school and a 80% or better for 8th - 12th grades. It is possible that a student will not pass a seminar if they have one failing grade for one standard, but have a passing grade for all other standards.

7th grade vaccine records

Parents of 7th graders should have already received a notice from the Explore Academy Health Office concerning immunization requirements. Any student entering 7th grade for school year 2020/2021 is required by NM State Law, whether in person or remote learning, to receive one dose of the Tdap vaccine and Meningococcal (Men ACWY) vaccine. For questions about this or to send updated shot records please contact Jennifer Dennison at

Parent Survey - Please fill out the term 2 survey for all of your students who attend Explore Academy, if you did not complete it last week.

Explore Academy is still weighing the decision to resume in person hybrid learning for the Fall based on Covid 19 numbers in the state, mandates from the Governor's Office, the Department of Health, and the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED). NMPED at this time has not released students in either Middle or High School grades to come back for in person hybrid learning.

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