Explore Academy utilizes a seminar approach to instruction which creates and cultivates an active-learning environment where students actively engage the curriculum. 

With classes averaging 14 students per teacher, the seminar-style of instruction focuses on a two-way discourse between teachers and students, eliminating the teacher as the sole source of information.  The seminar structure requires a 50/50 split in the communicating of information, sharing the role across all participants within the class structure.   

Instead of traditional semesters, seminars run for one month in length (two months for 6th and 7th grade). 


Every seminar at Explore Academy is offered to students through multiple versions, or "flavors".  It is through this diversity that students come to possess the freedom to choose the versions of each class which interest them most.

As students make choices at each monthly junction, they build a curriculum that is individualized and unique based on the combination of choices they have made in pursuing their education. 

An Explore Academy school could be open for 10,000 years and no two students would share the same educational experience.       


From the creativity of Explore Academy's teachers, students are offered themed versions of each class from which to choose as they complete their required credits.  These are the Explore Academy "flavors".  


By allowing teachers to create themed instruction based on their passions,  and students to choose which flavors in which they're most interested, every student's combination of choices becomes unique and independently driven.  


The combination of choices becomes near-infinite, creating individual student pathways that are truly unique and customized.

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As students enter their 10th grade year, they will enter one of several academic major programs. Much as a student declares a major at the university level, Explore Academy students will choose from an extensive set of areas to explore their interests before entering college.  This type of extension will serve to develop students in their college readiness and career selection by providing them not only a taste of college-level academic rigor, but essential insight into the reality of the careers in they which they potentially see themselves. Students will receive guidance from teachers and counselors in choosing their academic major.  See below for the list of majors offered around the network of Explore Academy campuses. 

LAW MAJOR:  For our future lawyers and judges, and for those who will protect the rights of our citizenry


At Explore Academy, students are held to a higher level of expectation.  Every seminar culminates with an exit exam, on which students must demonstrate proficiency/ mastery on every standard within the given seminar.  This ensures that students have the appropriate foundation before advancing to higher levels within

each skill track.    


With the higher level of expectations as described above, Explore Academy provides an extensive system to support student learning and overall academic growth.  This starts with small class sizes, which allows for individualized attention to facilitate each student's progress.    


Additional supports include time built in each day for student collaboration and studying, on-site tutoring for all students during the school day, weekly progress monitoring, special education and ELL services, and interventions for at-risk students.